…because comfort should not be a luxury! ®

Alpine House communities exist to help residents live their lives to the fullest. We understand that individuals have unique needs that range from a productive retirement to meeting the many challenges presented to people with age-related, or disease-related needs for assistance. Our services have been carefully planned and, designed to enhance the quality of life of our residents. From esthetically designed surroundings to personalized care, Alpine House communities ensure optimal resident health and satisfaction.

After all, comfort is not a luxury but a fundamental expectation of our residents, and the foundation of our services.

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Alpine House is a very friendly place… We love the private rooms… The staff (is) really good, caring and helpful people.

Linda D. ( Resident’s daughter)

Alpine House has really good staff. They make me laugh. The food is good. I love to sit in the manager’s office and talk about anything. I also like to eat her candy.

Lilly G.

…My favorite activities are singing and playing the word game. The meals are also good….

Bill C.

Alpine House makes me feel safe. I am very happy here….

George G.

…The people are nice…If I have a problem; (the manager) makes sure it is taken care of right away. The food also is really good. We also get to go out on outings, like the zoo. We always have a good time there.

Jill B.

…A great place to live. In the beginning I missed my home. Here we are all one family. I love them…The staff is amazing. They are very special, very helpful, very kind and take the extra time to make Alpine House- home.

Jackie B.